About Me

I am Chris and I’m 38 years old.

I identify myself as a man, although
nowadays I’ve decided it’d be more practical if I were non-binary to avoid
confusion about my gender.

I am a psychotherapist.

I am autistic.

I’d like to share with you some parts about
my everyday life and work experiences. Hopefully it can be of help or
inspiration for other therapists or autists. I decided to become a
psychologist, because I’m interested in psychology. It helps make life more
predictable, and predictability is pleasant.

I also hope to help others through my line
of work. Help people feel happier about themselves and their lives and all
that. A life with less pain, and more perspective.

I am also interested in astronomy. If I
hadn’t studied psychology, I would have studied astronomy because of my
interest in astronomy. Astronomy also brings predictability and a pleasant understanding
towards the universe around our lives. Anyway, I’m not married. I have no